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Wild Horse Workshop 2005

Nov. 9 - 13, 2005

Guadalupe County Livestock Center
Seguin, TX

      I hear and I forget.
      I see and I remember.
      I do and I understand.

          ~Confucius c. 450 BC


This is a temporary photo collage which will be apended as images come in. The album will be properly organized and completed after we receive additional images. Also while the venue was quite satisfactory for working the horses, the open sides and bright sky made it difficult to get really clear and colorful photos. Nonetheless the images taken adequately illustrate the activities that took place.


Due to the recent gulf coast hurricanes a good portion of the participant base for WHW'05 had far more serious concerns. Furthermore BLM's web site (the workshop's most effective advertising tool) was out of service until a week before the event. Ergo we scaled back and ran this workshop with only seven clinicians and pens and no support staff. The BLM crew took up the slack, we had great participants and we were able to collectively achieve fantastic results due to the dedication and teamwork attitude of all the parties involved.

Some Great Vital Statistics

  • Horses brought in: 69

  • Horses adopted: all 69

  • Highest bid for a horse: $ 1,050.00

  • Average bid for a horse: $ 267.75
  • "Hands-on" participants: 30

  • Horses handled by participants: 47

  • Average for horses worked: $ 300.11

  • Average for horses not worked: $ 198.64

  • Increased adoption income to BLM due to horses being worked by participants: $ 4,769.04.

Mona Gerome and the mare with one blind eye.

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Wild Herd Populations
Most wild herds multiply at an annual rate of around 17%; some even higher. Without natural predators horse populations will increase to the point that the environment will be damaged. Removing excess horses for adoption is one effective horse management tool.

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