Program Objectives

Last Revised 1-15-99


The overall objectives of the Wild Horse Workshops are:
  1. Continue the development of a continuing national WHB mentoring program.

  2. Reduce the number of adopted animals mishandled and/or returned to BLM by adopters.

  3. Improve the experiences of both adopters and animals through development of practical education and after-adoption support programs.

  4. Provide educational tools in the form of practical written, web based and videotape explanations and activities available to first time adopters.

  5. Develop a corps of qualified and competent volunteer WHB mentors who can assist adopters in gentling, training and behavioral issues.

  6. Generate positive publicity about the Adopt-A-Wild Horse or Burro Program through media attention to the workshop and from the positive experiences of the subsequent adopters (improve the image of the Adopt-a-Wild Horse or Burro Program).

  7. Adopt approximately 50 animals through a satellite adoption associated with the workshop with zero "returns" to BLM.

  8. Improve the market value of animals being adopted (increased revenue to BLM from bid sales).

  9. Improve the usefulness of animals being adopted (less incentive for disposal).

  10. Create an environment and positive experiences where adoptors will be motivated to adopt additional BLM animals.

  11. Create an environment where an adopter does not only adopt an animal, but also "adopts" a useful support system of competent and interested volunteers who can help make the experience a positive one.

  12. Provide redirection and placement capabilities through the mentor group for those instances where adoptors are not capable of gentling and training their adopted animals.

  13. Develop the program so that it is primarily driven by volunteer enthusiasm and support with minimal BLM financing so that solutions can be found which actually reduce BLM's net costs for caring for and adopting wild horses and burros (e.g., reduction in number of horses returned, reduction in numbers of animals being held, increased values received for animals adopted).

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