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Wild Horse Workshop '99


November 15 - 21, 1999

RV Arrival - November 14


Western North Carolina Agricultural Center
1301 Fanning Bridge Road
Fletcher, North Carolina 28732
(Suburb of Asheville)

History of Wild Horse Workshops:

The workshops include adoptions and a week of actual wild horse gentling and training activities. Interested parties can enroll to participate "hands on" in the clinic as well as spectate.

1SG Mark Atwood, Frank Bell and John Sharp continued as part of the clinician staff. Cher Eastep of Colorado and Robert Denlinger of Kentucky have joined the gentling team in 1999 and added demonstrations on clicker training. Hue Simpson of California continued to present her "Focus Training" techniques which are based in part on TTeam.

The BLM portion of the 1999 workshop was co-hosted by BLM's Jackson, MS and Milwaukee, WI offices. Art Degrazia and Jinx Fox were the lead personnel from the BLM offices. Least Resistance Training Concepts organized the educational and clinical portion of the event. Jill Whitt was workshop director this year with our beloved "Col." Cher Eastep assuming a good portion of the program's managerial duties.

Director Jill Whitt and her
wonder horse "Christy"
"Col." Cher Eastep

A "moonlight" adoption was held on the first evening of the workshop. Gentling and training went on for the entire week and a full adoption was held on the Saturday following the week's activities. All but a handful of horses found homes.

  • 48 mentors participated in the workshop.

  • 24 horses were gentled.

  • 40 horses were adopted.

  • 5 problem horses were worked.
Wind Dancer & Nyla playing
outside of the Agricultural Center
Inside the Ag Center
BLM WHB Specialist Art Degrazia
explaining the history of the WHB program
Some of the horses in pens
A strawberry roan pinto to die for

Wild Herd Populations
Most wild herds multiply at an annual rate of around 17%; some even higher. Without natural predators horse populations will increase to the point that the environment will be damaged. Removing excess horses for adoption is one effective horse management tool.

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