Least Resistance Training Concepts

Wild Horse Mentors
Wild Horse Workshop '06
Stagecoach, NV

Part Three

The Stagecoach Seven (plus 3), one of the local wild bands, paid the workshop a visit. Others got better photos but I shot this one across the training pens (foreground.) The wild ones are in the distance, past the corral of domestic horses.

Needless to say all the out of town participants bailed out of the training pens long enough to grab their cameras and take souvenier photos.

Day 2: The Stagecoach Seven (plus 3) passing by.
Other photos:
Day 2: Joyce Sharp teaching hoof lifts.
Day 2: Jim Rea trimming hooves.
Day 2: Rusty and participant Bob Lappin after Rusty's first real grooming.
Day 2: Another view of some of the visiting wild ones.
Day 2: Rob and Lark.

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