Wild Horse Workshop 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

7:00 PM until Gene's
too tired to stay up

Camelot Arena, Stagecoach, NV

Part Three

More photos of Gene's mustangs.

Mustangs in general are a special group of horses. These guys can be ridden literally thousands of miles and they still find time to play. People who understand horses, and mustangs in particular, know not to stifle their play drive. All the horses in Gene's string seem to be having an adventure.

Also you can tell a great deal about a man in how he relates to children and horses. These next pictures speak for themselves.

Tosi and Frank, usual day's end high jinx.
Mark Struble's daughter, Alisha, hops on Buddy.
The real Gene Glasscock.
End of a long day.
Gene has been a solid advocate for wild horses. His string on his 20,000 mile 48-state ride included two BLM mustangs, Buddy and Tosi. So it is only fitting that Gene celebrate among wild horse folks.

This may be Gene's last birthday party in the US. He's headed down to Paraguay to ride herd on his charity, The Phillips Fund.

The party's Master of Ceremonies is the "Voice of the Nevada Day Parade" and County Commission candidate Larry McPherson.

Entertainment will be provided by Tawnie Lee and the Old Fogies, with a strong possiblity that some "special features" may be added, depending on the weather.

To find out more about attending Gene's birthday bash, please contact Betty Retzer at betty@whentors.org or telephone 775-629-9197.

Photos in this feature were taken by Mark Struble (BLM), Bob Retzer and Sharon Lamm.

Please continue to
Lacy J. Dalton will help Gene celebrate his birthday!

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