Wild Horse Workshop '06

Adoption Catalog
Part Three

The following animals will be available for adoption, subject to the conditions disclosed at the end of this catalog.

"And this is how we pose for pictures."


3702, Rusty

Rusty is a well built 7 year old titled BLM gelding who was turned over to LRTC for readoption because his adopter had to relocate.

Rusty has been adopted.

D0601, Thelma / D0602, Louise

Thelma (BLM ID 00216198, age 6) and
Louise (BLM ID 02216231, age 4) -

are titled BLM burro Jennets that were turned over to LRTC for readoption due to adopter hardship. They were well cared for. They have always been together in captivity.

First priority will be given to adopters who will keep Thelma and Louise together.

Thelma's and Louise's minimum adoption bids are $250.00 (each.)

H0602, Stella / H0602B, Scooter

Stella is an Indian Nation mustang acquired pregnant and with a standing foal (Nikki, below.) Scooter is this year's foal.

These horses will only be adopted as a pair.

Stella's and Scooter's minimum adoption bids are $350.00 (for the pair.)

H0602A, Nikki

Nikki is an Indian Nation mustang yearling acquired with Stella (above) in 2005.

Nikki is a "special needs" horse. Although she gets around just fine and plays with the other yearlings, her front legs are pretty crooked. Therefore she is probably not viable as a riding horse.

Nikki's minimum adoption bid is $125.00, or she can be placed as a "buddy" with another adopted horse for $25.00.

H0603, Meghan

Meghan is a 4 year old captive born Virginia Range mustang who is halter started, has packed a saddle, has been ponied on the range and has had a person on her back a couple of times.

Meghan has been adopted.

L0315, Elbie

Elbie is a 5 year old former Dann mare who was picked up in the Lifesavers / LRTC Fish Creek rescue.

Elbie's minimum adoption bid is $250.00.

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