Wild Horse Workshop 2006

Registration Checklist

To ensure that your registration is processed promptly and accurately, please make sure that all of the following documents are completely and accurately filled out. Our insurance requirements and agreements with BLM and the Camelot Arena. require completed paperwork for all registrants before they are allowed to participate.


____ Registration Form

____ Agreement and Release from Liability

____ What You Should Know about Horse Related Activities (2 pages)

____ Program Safety and Participant Code of Conduct

____ Minors at the workshop form (if bringing children)

Be sure to read all of these documents, initial each location where initials are required and write out the paragraph as specified on the "What You Should Know..." form.

If you are not an LRTC member and wish to join to register at the LRTC rate, please submit a membership application and include your membership fee with your payment.


____ Membership application (if you are a new member or need to renew and wish to participate at “member rates.”)

____ Wild Horse Cafe Meal Order Form (Meals cost less when preordered.)

Don't forget to enclose your payment!

The address to mail your paperwork and contact information if you have any questions can be found in the information box at the top right hand of the Registration Form.

See you at the workshop!

The Workshop Staff